Since adding the MSRBL-Images signatures to our spam filters at work, I’ve occasionally dropped in to Spam or Not to help rate their submissions. It uses the “Hot or Not” concept, but instead displays an image that’s been submitted as spam, and asks viewers to rate just how spammy it is. The results feed back into developing their signatures.

Right now they’re just 10 images away from rating every single image in their database.

Total Images: 308780
Total Ratings: 314616
Rated Images: 308770 (99.99%)

Unfortunately, I seem to be mostly getting already-ranked images, because that third number isn’t climbing in step with the second. And of course, when it comes to spam, you can rate all you want—they’ll make more.

3 thoughts on “Catching up with Image Spam

  1. LOL! I’m sure they appreciated it! Alas, they’ve collected another 50 or so images since then, but they’re tracking the total much more closely than they were last week, when I was seeing it around 60-80%.

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