4 thoughts on “Rays of Light

  1. That’s pretty impressive.

    I’ve seen some pretty decent mo-photos (okay, how about phone-tos?) here and there. Although my Treo’s have captured some nice imagery, at times, some of the best shots I’ve seen have been from a buddy’s RAZR. Grr.

  2. “Phone-tos.” I like it!

    This is actually the 2nd RAZR I’ve owned. The first one only took 640×480 pictures, but this model takes them at 1280×960, making them suitable for desktop wallpaper. It’s still got a tiny lens, fixed focus, easily-overwhelmed sensors and no zoom, though.

    I look forward to the day when I can carry a camera-phone with not just the resolution, but the optical, zoom, and imaging quality of today’s point-n-shoot digital cameras. Music player will be even better, especially if it can connect wirelessly to headphones/car stereo/etc. I figure the 2010-model iPhone will be exactly what I want (or at least what I want today).

    It’s getting hard to carry around all my gadgets without a utility belt!

  3. I know I’m late, but… I’m surprised you don’t have a smartphone (even non-Treo’s). They might not fit your 2010 specs perfectly, but they’re kinda close.

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