While looking to see if Amazon had the Flash TV series available on their Unbox video download service (they don’t), I noticed that they do have the short-lived 2007 TV series, Drive.

Drive was an ensemble series about contestants in an illegal cross-country race. Some drivers volunteered, while others were forced to compete. Nathan Fillion (of Firefly and Serenity) starred as a man forced into the race in order to rescue his kidnapped wife.

The four — count them, four episodes that actually aired last spring were extremely good. Naturally, FOX canceled it immediately, and (as far as I know) never showed the remaining episodes that had been completed. And of course there’s no DVD release (so far).

The interesting thing: Unbox has six episodes at $2 each (or $9 for the full set). I’m going to have to check this out.

Let’s see if this preview widget works…

[Edit: Not anymore.]

Annoyingly, the actual download service requires Windows, though they apparently have a setup where you can download it straight to a Tivo box now. And I’m sure it’s DRMed up one side and down the other, with all the hazards that entails.

Update: It turns out that iTunes Has Drive too, with all 6 episodes. The last two are actually labeled as never having been aired.

One thought on “Recovering Lost “Drive”

  1. Yes, there were two more completed episodes that Fox had promised to air that 4th of July weekend, and then they turned around and changed their minds again. They did make them available on the website for a week or so, but I never watched them. I figured it was just going to leave me with more unanswered questions and I preferred to leave things the way they were.

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