Re-watched some classic cartoons yesterday.  It started when we were talking about Duck Dodgers at breakfast, and wondered when it had been made.  That led to an IMDB lookup, which mentioned it was #4 on a list of 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time from 1994, and that had me looking up “One Froggy Evening” to verify that it was in fact the cartoon with the singing, dancing, Michigan J. Frog… and that had a link to the cartoon on YouTube.  And YouTube brings up a list of related videos at the end of each clip…

By the time we stopped, we’d also watched “What’s Opera, Doc?” “The Rabbit of Seville” — absolute classics — and a couple of World War II propaganda cartoons featuring Daffy Duck and Donald Duck (the latter in a cartoon based on “Der Fuehrer’s Face”).

At the other end of the spectrum, a week ago I watched 2 DVDs worth of 1967 Filmation cartoons starring various DC super-heroes.  I wanted to do a write-up of the Flash, Justice League and Teen Titans cartoons, and figured I might as well watch the whole thing and do a review. They were seriously cheesy. They were played straighter than Super-Friends, but can’t stand up to the Bruce Timm-designed Justice League series.

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  1. What’s Opera, Doc? ! Haven’t watched that in years! Loved that one. Bugs has got the touch… Or he’s just touched. Either way, definitely a classic. hehe
    I actually kind of miss SuperFriends, at least the Hall of Justice spread with the heroes flying out of it. And the WonderTwins are still a couple of my favorite characters. The new Justice League was nice enough to feature a new version of the twins but the originals are still the best, I think. ^^ (Was the monkey named Gleep?)

    • Gleek, IIRC. Oddly enough, now that people who grew up on Super Friends are finding themselves in positions of power at DC, elements of the cartoon are finding their way into the comics canon. The Justice League is now based in the Hall of Justice. Wendy and Marvin showed up in Teen Titans. (And then Wonder Dog ate them. Don’t ask.)

      The last time I saw “What’s Opera, Doc?” was also the last time I saw “One Froggy Evening.” alenxa and I got together with a group of my high school friends for a concert at Irvine Meadows — excuse me, Verizon Wireless — that was called something like Bugs Bunny on Broadway and featured a bunch of classic Warner Bros. cartoons that were built around existing music, with a live orchestra performing. That’s also when we decided we needed at least one cell phone, because the car wouldn’t start and we ended up stranded in the parking lot in the middle of nowhere at midnight, with no way to call the rest of our group and let them know why we hadn’t caught up with them at Denny’s. (There was a pay phone, but I don’t think I knew anyone’s phone number.)

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