Long day: Comic-Con hotel rush, work, drive to LA for Frost/Nixon at Ahmanson theater, drive back with a stop for coffee and cheesecake. Sleepy.

When headline limits go bad: “STAR TREK Official Movie Prequel Comic Boldly Goes to iPhone And Goo” Sorry, I don’t want a comic that melts.

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2 thoughts on “Frost/Nixon, Gooey Trek

  1. I’m still catching up, but if you haven’t shared already, I’d be interested in your thoughts on Frost/Nixon. (For some reason, I thought you’d already seen it.)

    • I actually haven’t seen the movie yet — we got free tickets to the stage version, which has a touring company that’s in LA right now — but the production we saw was very good. Oddly enough, while it’s narrated by one of the journalists working with Frost, and is largely told from Frost’s point of view, it’s really Nixon who ends up being the main character. Frost himself is mainly in it for the ratings (if it does well, it’ll jump-start his career), but Nixon is really in it to rehabilitate his reputation — which, of course, doesn’t end up happening.

      The larger-than-life presence of TV is a huge factor as well, with a bank of TV screens frequently upstaging or highlighting the interactions on stage. (For the interview sequences, they actually bring out a pair of TV cameras as if they were filming, and put that picture live onto the screen above the stage.) I’m especially curious to see how well that aspect translates to the film version.

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