• Interesting: #voteearth = switch your lights off for one hour on 3/28 to promote action on global warming voteearth2009.org
  • It’s always funny when a coffee (or any) chain has 35 locations in SoCal, 3 or 4 in nearby states, and one in, say, Riyadh, like Kelly’s Coffee.

2 thoughts on “Vote Earth, Chain Outliers

  1. Yeah, that Earth Hour thing is of-interest, to me (I put it in my Treo calendar as soon as I heard about it) but I was surprised I never heard anything about a particular hour on which to focus our conservation efforts.

    • I’ve been meaning to do a full-up blog post on it (for instance: is it defeating the purpose to turn your lights off and go somewhere else? Or watch TV, or something else that uses electricity? Or use a candle instead of electric lighting? etc. ). While reading up on it, I did eventually find the specific hour: 8:30-9:30 PM local time. (It would have been faster if I wasn’t using FlashBlock, which hid the site’s header!)

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