3 thoughts on “Not So Farscape

  1. I definitelysee the similarity.

    I wanted to mention, though, that the site looksunusual.

    Even the fieldthat I’m typing in looksodd. It has sinceearlythis morning, at least. I thought you mightbe in the middle of some editing.

    Hmm. Before posting, I decided to checkout your site via Firefox. It looksjust fine.

    On Chrome, though, (at leaston this computer) it lacksthe photo, at the top, it’s not centered, and the fields are oddlyoriented.

    Chrome has been a pain here and there, so I don’tknow if it…Bah. I’ll leaveit in your capable hands.

    • Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve fixed a problem with the last post I made from Flickr (Flickr’s template doesn’t quite get along with WordPress’s auto-formatting, and I missed a bit cleaning it up). Not sure if it solves your problem, though, because the page looked fine when I checked it in Chrome here. But then I’m using a beta of Chrome 2, so it might handle glitches a little differently than the stable version.

      Let me know if it’s still funky, and I’ll do some more digging when I have a chance.

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