• Warner Music issued a DMCA takedown notice to an official Warner Music video channel. I think I need some popcorn.
  • From @david_colquhoun via @BadAstronomer:

    Guardian science editor’s daughter gets measles. He’s angry with the anti-vaccination brigade.

  • I nearly mistyped “foreign” as “foregin.” It sounds like an appetizer you should eat before drinking gin.
  • Senator Arlen Specter’s party switch is largely symbolic. He didn’t toe the Republican party line, so why expect he’ll toe Democratic line?

2 thoughts on “Self-DMCA, Antivax Anger, Specter Switch

  1. Fair point.

    I think he’s rethinking his game plan, though. He’s in a position of vulnerability because he needs to prove himself to members of his new party, in order to reach his main goal in this whole scenario:


    So, he’s got a serious balancing act to pull off.

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