How an outdoor mall dealt with a lunchtime power outage. And some Apple observations.

Power’s out at the mall. No teriyaki bowl for me. Subway it is! (Hmm, and no iced coffee either. *sigh*)

Near as I can tell, the Apple store is just completely shut down. Hazards of making checkout depend on computer network, I guess. For contrast, Subway just dug out a pad of paper credit card slips and did texture rubbings w/ a pen.

Odd: muzak is so omnipresent I didn’t notice it was still playing. Speakers must be on another circuit from the stores.

Turns out only some buildings have lost power. Including all the coffee except Starbucks. But Jamba Juice has power!

Was weird walking through mall at lunch seeing lighted stores on right and dark on left. Some stayed open, some closed, some adapted.

Coffee Bean was mostly closed during the power outage, but they set an employee out front with two urns of coffee. No ice, though.

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