I found out about the #starwarsbandnames meme from @BadAstronomer. It’s pretty self-explanatory: Take the name of a real music group and alter it to make it a Star Wars reference.

Some of my contributions:

  • Jefferson X-Wing (I figured it sounded better than Jefferson Death Starship, though someone later suggested Jefferson Star Destroyer, which is better.) #
  • Obi-Wan Folds Five (This one actually got a retweet!) #
  • Red Five for Fighting #

And Katie’s (Posted on my account because hers isn’t publicly visible):

  • Snowspeeder Patrol #
  • Augustanakin #
  • Seven Mary 3PO #

There’s a ton of entries out there, and it’s still going. Some of my favorites others have posted:

  • pipboy2009: Naboo Fighters #
  • DevDell: The Qui-Gon Jinn Blossoms #
  • treelobsters: Alderaan Deraan #
  • wk_marshall: Peter, Paul, and Mara Jade #

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