Camo Cookies

The kiddo wanted to know how Baskin Robbins made their Veteran’s Day themed camouflage ice cream, so we made cookies to demonstrate. Each color is a different flavor, too: The brown is chocolate, the tan is maple, and the green is vanilla.

Make the three kinds of dough, then pack globs of them together into a cylinder. Straight plastic tumblers are helpful for this step.

Camo Cookie Dough

Cut into slices, set the slices on the cookie sheet, and bake!

Camo cookies - slicing.jpg

Opera BrowserI finally figured out why I’ve had so much trouble logging into sites with the latest version of Opera! (I’ve actually had to log into My Opera using Firefox. How’s that for irony?)

It’s all down to “Treat as specified in Server Manager,” which seems to be either the default or the way an old preference got interpreted after upgrading. First of all, you get to Server Manager by clicking on the “Manage cookies…” button. I’d been looking for something labeled Server Manager and didn’t find anything. Secondly, it seems to mean “Ignore any cookie for a site that isn’t explicitly listed in Server Manager.”

Once I added to the list, I was able to log in.

I may switch to “Accept all cookies,” though, since I’ve finally figured out another cookie issue.
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