Blast from the past. Doing some email testing & dredged up my old address. Had to re-activate it, and the handful of messages I probably saved way back in the day were gone, and now it’s instead…but it’s still got my years-outdated contact list, including people I haven’t interacted with in a decade.

As near as I can tell, I put together the list when I was in college, and never updated it. It’s still got all the old and addresses.

Oh, wow…there’s a pager number in there! (Remember those?)

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Interesting read: Backing up Geocities: Lessons so far.

A side-effect of the whole process is I now know way, way, way too much about Geocities than I ever expected to. We’ve had to dissect every aspect of how the site functions to understand how to mirror things, from its history through how it does crazy javascript ads. Some of it is stupid and some is hilarious, but this contextual bit is important to understanding the data we have.

Farewell, Geocities. It was nice knowing you. (Wait, no it wasn’t!)

In a message on Yahoo!’s help site, the company said that it would be shuttering Geocities, a free web-hosting service, later this year and will not be accepting any new customers.

Update: I wrote a bit more on the fandom side of things over at Speed Force:

I can’t say I’ll miss GeoCities itself — but there are still a lot of sites connected to comics fandom hosted there. Some are kept current, some are old but still contain useful information, and some are snapshots of an earlier era of online fandom