Some interesting technology articles I’ve found over the last few weeks.

Some interesting links I’ve seen over the last few weeks.

On a related note, I’ve set up on Klout and PeerIndex, mainly out of curiosity. Their topic analysis needs a bit of work, though. Klout was convinced that my Speed Force accounts were influential about Washington, DC (rather than DC Comics) and, inexplicably, ducks. PeerIndex seems to think I post a lot about breakfast cereal.

By now, you’ve heard that Netflix is splitting their business in two: one for streaming movies over the internet, which will keep the name, and one for renting DVDs by mail, which will be called Qwikster. Here are links to several funny (and a couple of serious) takes on the situation.

Some sites I’ve linked to on Twitter, Facebook & Google+ over the past few weeks.


  • Girl Genius interview with Phil Foglio. Three more prose novels on their way, and Vol. 12 of the webcomic/graphic novels will “conclude the first half of the Girl Genius storyline,” after which the characters will start to travel beyond eastern Europa.
  • The Flash on a Segway at Comic-Con

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Today, I watched Green Lantern at the same theater where we’ve been watching a series of special screenings of the extended-edition Lord of the Rings movies. Afterward, thinking about the two ring-focused stories and the in-progress event comic book Flashpoint, I found myself imagining: What would The Lord of the Rings have been like as a modern “event” comic book like Final Crisis or Blackest Night?

No doubt it would have tie-ins, side stories, spinoffs, and a bunch of extra tie-ins added to plug the inevitable gaps in the schedule. Check out my full list at Speed Force!