K2 Ramblings is now running on WordPress 1.0! It’s using the default template right now, but I was thinking of redesigning the layout anyway.

Two of the nice things to come out of 1.0 are the new format for permalinks (URLs to individual posts make sense now, instead of looking random) and the ability to file a post under multiple categories. Unfortunately, the new permalinks format means breaking all the old links… again. I’ve set up several redirect rules for the old link types, so they should follow through to the new locations, and I’ve updated all the local links I could find. Since the new format actually makes sense, I don’t plan to change it again.

Anyway, expect the layout to change again sometime in the next few days.

Upgraded to the latest beta of WordPress. Not as many problems as last time, although the entire blog was invisible at first. Believe it or not, I had to enable smiley conversion to fix it!

Anyway, URL handling is slightly different. Namely, there are extra slashes in the “search-friendly” URLs. I like it better without them, but in general it seems most blogs are using the other convention. Ironic that the format for permalinks keeps changing.