I’ve been meaning to take a picture of this restaurant ever since I saw it from the IKEA parking lot across the street. I finally did, and also finally went there for lunch. It’s pretty good. They sell T-shirts that play even more on the name.

Anyway, the next time someone tells you “There’s No Pho King Way!” you can tell them that yes, there is, in Carson, California.

Last night I noticed @BadAstronomer posting ideas for a Twitter meme, #fishpopstars. It’s pretty much what you’d expect: take a singer or band name and make a pun with the name of a fish.

Katie and I came up with these:

  • Death Crab for Cutie
  • Chum-bawamba
  • Flounders of Wayne
  • Vienna Tang
  • Betta than Ezra
  • Dace of Base (or Ace of Bass)

Some favorites from the event:

  • beano76: Sushi and the Banshees
  • shinkaide: Squid Vicious
  • MisterElGuapo: No Trout
  • ebrown2112: Fleetwood Mackerel
  • Caissie: Sharkira
  • dominichamon: Kylie Minnow
  • ethanwc: Crash Test Guppies
  • ThisModernDeath: Ling Cod Park
  • earlkabong: Herman’s Hermit Crabs
  • znmeb: Pike and Tuna Turner
  • AndyJukes: Smelton John
  • KenPlume: Mackerel Jackson
  • notgiamatti: Jefferson Starfish

It looks like it’s still going on if you’re in the mood for fish puns.

I found out about the #starwarsbandnames meme from @BadAstronomer. It’s pretty self-explanatory: Take the name of a real music group and alter it to make it a Star Wars reference.

Some of my contributions:

  • Jefferson X-Wing (I figured it sounded better than Jefferson Death Starship, though someone later suggested Jefferson Star Destroyer, which is better.)
  • Obi-Wan Folds Five (This one actually got a retweet!)
  • Red Five for Fighting

And Katie’s (Posted on my account because hers isn’t publicly visible):

  • Snowspeeder Patrol
  • Augustanakin
  • Seven Mary 3PO

There’s a ton of entries out there, and it’s still going. Some of my favorites others have posted:

  • pipboy2009: Naboo Fighters
  • DevDell: The Qui-Gon Jinn Blossoms
  • treelobsters: Alderaan Deraan
  • wk_marshall: Peter, Paul, and Mara Jade