Remember the guy who noticed the same model in a ton of spam and started stringing the ads together into An Unsolicited Commercial Love Story?

In the past week I’ve noticed the same model showing up in ad banners on various sites, particularly IMDB and—some of them using the same stock photos. (And someone should tell that they’re being extremely rude by not only bypassing attempts to block pop-ups, but popping up two windows per visit. Stick with the banners, willya?)

Incidentally, the mystery model was eventually spotted eating lunch in a cafe in Auckland by a reader of, and she added her own comments to the story.

Rob Cockerham of (home of the fascinating How Much is Inside? series) noticed the same model showing up in a lot of his spam (often wearing the same dress). He collected the advertisements, and linked them together in what he calls An Unsolicited Commercial Love Story.

Since he first wrote it up, other people have spotted the same model on banner ads, MSN articles and even a kiosk at UCLA. Where will “Alicia” show up next?

Aren’t stock photos fun?

(Via SpamBlogging)