I’ve finally found something more crowded than Comic-Con International: The Orange Street Fair on a Saturday night.

I think we usually end up going on Sunday, because while it’s usually a solid crowd, I don’t remember feeling quite so…herded. We ended up not doing much more than getting dinner and dessert.

Still, the baklava on Greek Street was good, as were the “Australian” potatoes (that probably weren’t any more Australian than the ice cream), and one of the lemonade stands was offering diet lemonade sweetened with Stevia, which meant Katie could actually drink it.


“Do you want a Viking helmet?” “F%@# yeah, I do!”

“Is your name Don?” “Uh, no.” “I wonder what it would have meant if your name was Don.”

“These cupcakes are insufficiently sized.”

“Do you even know where you’re going?” “Yeah, that way.”