1. SpamAssassin has been marking mail from 2010 as “grossly in the future.” It’s been fixed in the beta for months, but they issued an emergency update over the holiday. Of course, if they’d done the test by using math instead of pattern matching, it wouldn’t have been an issue in the first place. (via Pobox)

2. A 2010 bug has caused problems with German credit cards. It seems we got complacent after Y2K and stopped worrying about date changes.

  • 10 years ago I had just started working at an Internet provider and was very glad they didn’t want me in the server room at midnight for Y2K.
  • I just ordered tickets to Avatar in IMAX 3D. It actually *was* cheaper to see Xanadu on stage, even including parking!
  • Made it into Avatar. Got surprisingly decent seats considering how long the line was. We’ll miss midnight, so Happy New Year!
  • Overheard waiting for the movie: “If you lost an eye, would you get a glass eye or an eye patch?” “I’d get an eye patch and grow a beard!”