It’s really annoying that the writers and editors on The Flash didn’t see fit to actually tell us the names of Wally and Linda’s children during the final 6 issues of the series. All we know is that one is a boy and the other is a girl.

Even more annoying is the fan speculation that the twins will turn out to be one of two existing pairs of characters:

  1. The Tornado Twins, who first appeared in Legion of Super-Heroes, or
  2. Más y Menos, a pair of speedster twins from the Teen Titans cartoon.

Way back in their first appearance, the Tornado Twins were identified as descendants of Barry Allen. Barry’s series ended with him and Iris reunited in the future, and it was then revealed that Don and Dawn Allen were in fact Barry and Iris’ children, conceived during the short time between Barry’s arrival in the 30th Century and his death in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Don also happens to be Bart Allen’s father. So not only are the characters established, there’s a direct connection between Barry and Bart that would be severely altered if the Allen twins turned out to be the West twins. Can you imagine Bart’s reaction to discovering that Wally West was his grandfather? (Or Wally’s reaction, for that matter?) This would be on the order of revealing that Bruce Wayne is actually Dick Grayson’s father.

As for Más y Menos… they’re two brothers. One of the West twins would need a sex change. Plus you’d have to explain why a pair of half-Caucasian, half-Asian kids would pick Spanish code names.

There’s one other set of super-speedster twins out there: Iris West II and Barry West from Kingdom Come and The Kingdom. They have the advantage of actually being Wally’s kids in at least one timeline.

I won’t mind if DC chooses to take them in an entirely new direction, but making them Más y Menos would be silly, and having them supplant Don and Dawn Allen would be insulting.

One thought on “Twins in the Flash Family

  1. Don’t forget the Tornado Triplets, from Wally’s brief Silver Age-flavoured hallucination when Linda died that one time. I mean, they exist even less than Ultraa, but there’s probably a Hypertimeline with them in it somewhere.

    (The Black Flash part 2. Must have been #140.)

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