Given that most of us think we are above-average drivers, you’d think people wouldn’t expect other drivers to be telepathic.

Turn signals prevent other drivers from hitting you! (Or at least reduce the chances of it.)

I am amazed time and time again as I see people driving shiny new Mercedes, Lexuses (Lexi?), and BMWs dodging in and out of traffic without signalling, trusting those below-average other drivers to have above-average reflexes and precognitive abilities.

One thought on “The Turn Signal Is Your Friend

  1. I think the BMW at least comes with an on-board telepath for anticipating the other driver’s maneuvers. How else would it be the ultimate driving experience?

    Until you can get the on-board telepath safety feature, you should probably wrap pontoons around your car. Or spikes.

    Either way, you’re bound to attract attention form those “superior” drivers.

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