There’s at least one company based in Greece that distributes authentic Greek yogurt in the U.S. The stuff can be tricky to find, but incredibly worth it. It’s very thick and creamy and doesn’t contain any gelatin or preservatives. The fat-free version could probably help a lot of people lose weight, as it tastes like sour cream and tzatziki made with it is addictive. Trader Joe’s has been carrying it pretty reliably, but as Whole Foods is closer, we don’t get to TJ’s on a regular basis. However, on our last trip to Whole Foods, they had it, right there in with the rest of the yogurt. And the peasants rejoiced.

Tonight, I went looking for it and instead found a sign: “Whole Foods Market has temporarily decided not to carry Fage Greek Yogurt. Please look for this product again in the future.” So let me get this straight: you just recently decided to carry it and now you’re putting it on hiatus for some unknown reason. What the hell? Or do I want to know what the reason is?

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  1. It just occurred to me that tomorrow is Jim and Stacy Luebke’s four-year wedding anniversary. It seemed just like yesterday when I caught that garter at the reception! Where does the time go?

  2. Removal of Fage Yogurt: If I knew who their competitor was, I wouldn’t buy their yogurt either. It has nothing to do with quality. It has to do with interstate licensing. The company is losing tons of money while the FDA meanders around. How threatened can the FDA be by yogurt?

  3. Great News! FAGE will be opening a yogurt factory in the U.S. It may not taste exactly the same, as our livestock produce different tasting milk than European livestock… but maybe they will figure out how to reproduce the same great taste.

    I was also distressed about Trader Joe’s no longer carrying the great-tasting yogurt at our local store.

    I did a Google search and I found the information about the plans for a US yogurt factory at the Greek Consulate website.


    The FDA did indeed pull the yogurt; I can’t find the original article carried by the Boston Globe on 8 Sept 2004, but the title was: “FDA Has A Cow Over Unauthorized Greek Yogurt”. You could try that title in a Google search for more information.

  4. Fage is back on the shelves at Central Market in Dallas…at first I thought it was just what they had left in the back, since it was dated 10/14…but this weekend they had lots of new containers out, dated 10/28. Don’t know what the story is, but I stocked up!!!

  5. Wow, was I glad to find some info about Fage yogurt. I am assuming that it “WILL BE BACK” so I am really happy. Totally addicted to this yogurt. Hope that we can get some info about what happened. It would make me feel a little better about the gobs and gobs of yogurt I ate this summer.

  6. I’m still sad… I only buy organic American dairy products because I don’t want my kids consuming rBGH. I was not concerned about TOTAL since Europeans don’t treat their herd with Bovine Growth Hormone. I’ll bet you anything that the new US products will use our conventional (treated) dairy. Sh#t! ANother one bites the dust…

  7. I wouldn’t be so sure. The company is still based in Europe, and it sounds as though there’s a general opinion there that rBGH is harmful. They may decide to use organic milk in the US operation, especially given that a lot of their market before the fiasco was niche. And if they do decide to go conventional, there’s a good chance they’ll be screwing everyone over by losing sales. Heaven only knows if they’ll realize why it’s happening, though…..

  8. Fage yogurt sighted at Trader Joe’s!! We’ve seen it for at least the last two weeks and folks are stocking up. Let’s hope this isn’t a fluke!

  9. I was recently in NYC, and my friend introduced me to Fage fat free yogurt. I couldn’t believe the consistency, and the taste. My friend is on Weight Watcher’s and I will be joining. I live in Denver, and arrived home yesterday intending to search the market here to see if anyone carried this incredible product. Whole Foods was going to be first on my search list. I was disappointed to read your comment, and intend to go into Whole Foods here, and talk to someone about my desire!!

  10. I found it at Perelandra health food store in NYC. I hope it’s still made with organic milk in the future once in the U.S. I would like to taste the goat milk version.

  11. I bought Fage yogurt at Perelandra Health Food in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, NY. Remsen St I think. Or you can check their website. We should ask Estiatorio Milos and other Greek restaurants where they get theirs from. Maybe you can check the local Greek/Mediterranean grocery store in your area. Left an incomplete post, so needed to ask this one.

  12. I just had this for the first time, was at Harris Teeter (in North Carolina, don’t know where else it is) and the guy stocking the yogurt saw me buy some Stoneyfield Farms, and recommended it…I have never had anything so incredible, I am instantly addicted. It’s so thick and rich, I got it with the honey…my taste buds are singing…absolutely divine.

  13. I recently tried the Fage Total 0%. The yogurt is quite thick as yogurts go, which is something I really like about it. I normally add some Splenda and some fruit to my plain yogurt since I don’t like plain yogurt. But I decided to try something different. I added 1 Tablespoon of Omega Flaxseed with Berry Blend, 2 envelopes of Splenda and a small capful of Torani Strawberry Flavored Syrup. Not only was it low-cal, it was healthy and delicious!

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