Sure, Greek yogurt is pretty damn good, but lately it’s gained so much in popularity that manufacturers are putting it in all kinds of products that don’t actually benefit from the extra straining. If you put as much sugar in it as you typically find in the more mainstream brands, it doesn’t matter.

But at least those are still food.

I mean, come on. It’s soap. Even if you think it’s worth smearing yogurt all over your skin, your skin doesn’t care if it’s greek or not. :rollseyes:

Okay, I remember the days of Heidi’s Frōgen Yōzurt (the company that, as far as I could tell, touched off the frozen yogurt craze in the 1980s and then was forced out of its own market by competition), and I’ve studied German, so I know that this name is supposed to be pronounced roughly the same as yogurt…


But seriously, I can’t help but read it as “Jog Hurt.” (Sounds like someone needs more exercise…)

There’s at least one company based in Greece that distributes authentic Greek yogurt in the U.S. The stuff can be tricky to find, but incredibly worth it. It’s very thick and creamy and doesn’t contain any gelatin or preservatives. The fat-free version could probably help a lot of people lose weight, as it tastes like sour cream and tzatziki made with it is addictive. Trader Joe’s has been carrying it pretty reliably, but as Whole Foods is closer, we don’t get to TJ’s on a regular basis. However, on our last trip to Whole Foods, they had it, right there in with the rest of the yogurt. And the peasants rejoiced.

Tonight, I went looking for it and instead found a sign: “Whole Foods Market has temporarily decided not to carry Fage Greek Yogurt. Please look for this product again in the future.” So let me get this straight: you just recently decided to carry it and now you’re putting it on hiatus for some unknown reason. What the hell? Or do I want to know what the reason is?