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  1. I apologize in advance for this NOT being a comment about the
    Green Lantern – I was curious about your name, Kelson. My son is also named Kelson and I have had a difficult time tracking
    down any origin information. We modernized the spelling of an
    old family name (Khylsyn) passed onto us by an ancient relative descended from the Scottish side of my husband’s family. If you wouldn’t mind giving me whatever information you have about your name, I would greatly appreciate it. If this seems too personal, impertinent or rude, even for an aged Star Trek/Star Wars fan (old enough to have seen them both when they came out the FIRST time), forgive me and ignore this. Thank you in either case.

  2. Unfortunately I can’t help you much with the origin of the name. My parents got it from a series of fantasy novels set in an alternate 12th-century England.

    There is a nautical term, spelled variously kelson or keelson, which is part of a ship, and at one point I did find a suggestion that the name might have come into use in connection with shipbuilding, but that’s all I’ve found. It has been a while since I looked, though.

  3. Hi

    The name Kelson originates from Son of a Celt. The ancient inhabitants of Britain.

    The Kelson family line goes back thousands of years on these Isles.

  4. Kjeldsen was the orriginal spelling of our family name – orriginating from Denmark. My father was christened with this orriginal spelling, and around 1916 the name was changed to the current spelling- Kelson. All of the family lived in Epharim Utah, and went with the name change. I was very surprised to see the number of individuals on this web site with the spelling Kelson. We always thought that anyone with the Kelson spelling were our relatives. Now I think my dad was just incorrect about the individuality of the spelling. Unless of course I have a bigger family than we know about.

  5. I have been also looking for more information regarding the origins of the name Kelson. I was as well always under the impression that there were very few Kelson’s. I enjoy the fact that there seems to be more than I thought.

  6. My Kelson family lived in Magna, Utah. My Father has traced his line to Ireland and England. I have a Grandson named Kelson. It is becoming a popular first name.

  7. Kelly I am one of the Magna Kelsons, we are desended from Staforshire England and Grandma Rose hailed from Dublin. Kelson’s are prevalent in Stafordshire. Many of them are named Sidney and George. My Mom is Betty the daughter of June Elvin and Sidney George Kelson. Her closest cousin was Margaret.

  8. wow, other people with the name Kelson!

    Im 18 and my father named me Kelson, but we have no past family with that name, its just me…and I love my name…

  9. Leslie my father is Kelly (orvil) Kelson and his father was Arvil, Sidney’s brother. What a small world

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