Safari LogoA few days ago I noticed that while Safari accounts for about 2.3% of traffic to this site, Mac OS accounts for 4.4%. Since Safari only runs on Mac OS X, that means that just over half of Mac users visiting this site* are using Safari.

I realized that the detail page pulls out Mac OS X, which makes up 2.8%…but MSIE doesn’t say whether it’s running on Classic or OS X. Fortunately IE 5.2 is OS X-only, so we can add in that 0.6%, leaving us with an estimated 3.4% on OS X and 1% on Classic.

So, to the extent that these stats are reliable…

  • Nearly one fourth of Mac users visiting this site are still running an obsolete version of the OS.
  • 65% of Mac OS X users are using Safari, with only 20% on Internet Explorer.

Anything more detailed is going to require going through the logs myself or writing my own stats script, so I have no idea how the remaining 15% breaks down.

*All of

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