At the market today, we discovered that you can buy a bag of Chaos. Not only that, but you can buy a bag of wheat-free Chaos.

Bag of Chaos

In actuality it’s a brand of chips from the makers of Pirate’s Booty, but the name reminded us both of a time we and a bunch of friends started coming up with lists of product names based on abstract concepts. It started with a pun, “Diet Spite,” and eventually filled an entire sheet of paper. I think Jason ended up with the sheet, and may even have HTMLized it, but from there it fades into legend.

9 thoughts on “Chaos in a Bag

  1. Please email me the ingredients of the wheat free chaos chips. My husband appears to be having a food reaction and I am curious what goes into them. Sorry to bother you. I’ve already thrown the bag away.


  2. […] It’s always strange when you throw out wacky ideas, then see them turn into reality. About four years ago, a bunch of us were sitting around talking, and someone uttered the renark, “Diet Spite.” From there we filled an entire page with culinary brand names made from abstract concepts, not unlike the Wheat-Free Chaos we found a month ago. […]

  3. While in yosemite i had eaten chaos in a bag and instantly fell in love with the flavor. I asked the person who bought it where i could find it and she said that i could purchase it at TRADER JOES. Later that week i looked around for the product and was unable to locate it. I asked the store manager if they carried it and he said he had never even heard of the product. WHERE CAN I PURCHASE CHAOS IN A BAG???
    Thank you.
    Taylor Noelle Braff

  4. I think the only one in Orange County is the one in Tustin. Take the 55 north. The first exit past the 5 will be Fourth Street/Irvine Blvd. Turn right, then go a few blocks to Holt. You’ll see a Mervyns on the right — it’s in the same shopping center.

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