Or, yet another blog.*

Back when WordPress.com was announced—well, pre-announced, really—I signed up for info. Eventually I discovered it was going to be a blog hosting service. At that point it seemed kind of silly, since I already had too many blogs, so I didn’t immediately jump on the invite when I finally received it. I decided to pick it up after about two weeks, at which point I tried to log in and was told that the invitation expired in a week. Not that the email had said anything about an expiration.

So now, I’m trying out Flock, mainly to see what value it adds on top of Firefox. It picked up my Del.icio.us bookmarks fine, but for some reason the blogging tool just won’t connect to K-Squared Ramblings. It should work. It’s WordPress-based, after all. Maybe it only works with the 1.6 series (I’m waiting for a stable release before I upgrade), or maybe there’s some obscure setting—or maybe it’s just a bug in Flock. (Time to sign up for yet another Bugzilla account, too) Edit: I found the problem.

Well, WordPress.com and Flock have teamed up, so Flock users don’t need to wait for an invite or wait for the site to leave beta. And, miracle of miracles, not only did the invite expiration free up my reserved username, but no one else had taken it!

I honestly don’t know what, if anything, I’ll be doing with the blog, since I’ve got so much over at K²R and all my social stuff is at LiveJournal (when you’re extending a real-life circle of friends into cyberspace, you go where your friends go). I’m sure I’ll think of something to do there.

*This was originally posted at kelson.wordpress.com, but I moved it over here after turning that site into a photo blog.