CBR reports that Teen Titans #30-31 will feature the long-awaited* return of Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew! It seems that Kid Flash is a fan of the series, which never actually got canceled in the DC Universe, and has gone grim-n-gritty with the rest of the DC line. “Excerpts” of a Zoo Crew “parody of Watchmen and Dark Knight and their fallout” will be interspersed with the regular story.

While grim-and-gritty doesn’t seem to go with Captain Carrot, parody does. And to think, I was this close to dropping Teen Titans. It looks like I’ll be staying on a few more issues. Update: It was terrible, and totally not worth it.

*OK, long-awaited by some. Let’s just say it was Captain Carrot that got me into comics at the age of seven, so there’s a serious nostalgia factor at work.

2 thoughts on “Captain Carrot Returns!

  1. Great news! I’ve got the original Captain Carrot somewhere in my tiny collection of comics. I’ll have to go pick this up; thanks for the info!

  2. Never so much into CCaHAZC, but I’ve been enjoying the TT.

    Actually, I’ve been amused by the occasional cameos (usually related to cross-dimensional goings-on and images) of Rocket Raccoon …

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