In 52 Week 21, Lex Luthor’s super-heroes were finally given a team name and code names: Infinity, Inc. About half of the individual names are recycled from former members of the real Infinity, Inc.: Fury, Skyman, Nuklon, etc.

Interestingly enough, it turns out that a month ago, someone posted a different set of names:

Actually it’s Lumina.

The rest of the Luthor’s JLA is:

Trajectory/Eliza Harmon
Omnivore/Hannibal Bates
Ultimate Man/Jacob Colby
Reaver/Erik Storn
Herakles/Gerome McKenna

I don’t know where swallowhawk got the names (presumably somewhere offline), but it’s interesting to note that nearly all of them were changed by the time the team made its official debut.

All but one, in fact: Trajectory. And her story didn’t end so well.

One thought on “Infinity, Inc. and Beyond!

  1. Hello I would just like to say where I got those names. They were published in Wizard Magazine with some 52 sketches which include the Great Ten and Supernova. I just put two and two together.

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