[Windows]Well, it’s the second Tuesday of the month. With Microsoft’s regular update cycle, that makes it Patch Tuesday.

It’s also October, the month leading up to Halloween.

I hereby declare today to be Pumpkin Patch Tuesday.

Update: Mozilla’s Josh Aas has carved the perfect pumpkin to go with this declaration.

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch Day

  1. Thanks. It was a display Katie put together at her office a few years ago. It was actually based on a comic strip, apparently a “Grand Avenue” from a few days before.

    Oddly enough, I remember absolutely nothing about “Grand Avenue.”

    I originally wanted to find a pumpkin in which someone had carved the Windows logo, but couldn’t find any. (Tux the penguin is a bit easier to find.) It was late, and I remembered we had some jack o’lanterns up on the site. This one… seemed appropriate.

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