Some years I find myself spending most of my time at Comic-Con attending panels. Some years it’s looking for books. Sometimes I end up mostly looking for people with interesting costumes. This year, the theme seems to have been collecting sketches and autographs, and in fact, I spent just about all of Saturday on one event.


Autographs (Kelson):

  • Phil & Kaja Folio on complete set of Girl Genius volumes 1-7. (I’d gotten Phil’s signatures on volumes 1-6 in bits and pieces over the last few years, but Kaja was never at the booth when I had the books. So I made an effort to catch up.)
  • Phil Foglio on the edition of Myth-Chief for which he did the cover.
  • R.K. Milholland on Super Stupor.
  • Colleen Doran on A Distant Soil vol.1, Orbiter, Reign of the Zodiac #1 and Comic Book Tattoo. (I went to her table 3 times over the course of the con.)
  • Sergio Aragonés on “Day of the Dead” (because I forgot to bring something for him to sign, and I looked for stuff at his booth that I hadn’t seen before)
  • Tori Amos on Comic Book Tattoo (see the full story)
  • Rantz Hoseley, Hope Larson, and (I think) Jason Levesque on Comic Book Tattoo (they were all at the table when I picked up the book)
  • Rantz Hoseley and two people whose names I can’t make out on a poster-sized print of the Comic Book Tattoo cover.

Autographs (Katie):

  • Naomi Novik on the new Temeraire novel, Victory of Eagles.
  • Keith Knight on The K Chronicles and Red, White, Black and Blue.

I ended up not spending much time looking for comics, because of the whole low-grade Golden-Age problem. But I did pick up a couple of new items — like the Tori book, and the new Halo and Sprocket, and such. I was looking in the fantasy art area this morning, and there was actually a painting of Red Sonja that I really liked (she was wearing practical clothes — leather armor, not the usual chainmail bikini), but couldn’t think what I’d do with a print, and it seemed kind of weird to pick up a print of a specific character whom I didn’t normally follow.

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