• Mt Wilson still intact for now! Status, Towercam.
  • Image from Mt. Wilson Observatory Towercam at 12:06 pm. Observatory website still up, but towercam very slow.towercam-smoke-1206
  • Mt. Wilson Towercam showing lots of smoke: 12:21 was the last image I could get.towercam-smoke-1221
  • Definitely cooler today, but humidity & smoke since the wind changed make it feel worse outside.
  • Mt. Wilson good news: smoke on towercam was from backfires. Bad: website offline, cam not updating. Status on backup server.
  • Los Angeles Fires Seen From Space (from @ecolady via @ThisIsTrue)la-fires-from-space

Images from the Mt. Wilson Observatory Towercam & NASA. You can probably figure out which is which.

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