Dragonmount has an update on the WOT comics. Basically, Dynamite’s acquisition of Dabel Brothers’ assets did not include Wheel of Time (which is odd, since Dynamite’s press releases said they’d picked up all of their current titles), and Dabel Brothers will continue publishing their adaptations of Eye of the World and New Spring. Or at least Eye of the World. It’s not clear whether they’ll ever release the final issue of New Spring on its own, but Tor will be publishing the complete New Spring graphic novel…sometime. Probably late 2010 or early 2011. To complete an eight-issue miniseries that started in 2005. Okay, it’s not Miracleman-level, but come on!

Eye of the World is supposed to start up again in spring. I’ll believe it when I see it.

It’s also supposed to pick up with a monthly schedule — which at this point would constitute a genuine miracle.

Update: Dragonmount has posted an update saying that Dynamite is involved, which makes more sense and actually gives me a little more confidence that we’ll actually see some of these books. Plus, “spring” fits with the April date that Dynamite gave when talking about when they expected to start releasing the titles they acquired from Dabel Brothers. With luck we’ll see something when April’s solicitations go up later this month.

2 thoughts on “WOT The–!? Wheel of Time Comics Still at Dabel?!

  1. And just to confuse matters further, Draqonmount contacted the Dabels again and found out that Dynamite is involved. Which actually makes me more confident about the schedule, but the situation just isn’t clear at all.

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