My other blog Speed Force has teamed up with online jewelers Arroba Silver to sponsor a contest: Design and win your own Flash Ring! The winner will get a free copy of the ring they designed, and the chance for it to be produced as a limited edition. The contest is open now through April 26.

Design and win your own Flash Ring

One thought on “Design and win your own Flash Ring Contest

  1. Okay, I’ve read the complete rules and details.

    So, essentially, you get the chance to have your own unique artistic interpretation of a Flash ring crafted by Arroba Silver, who would make one ring for you free of charge. Meanwhile, Arroba would then own your design and be able to make money off of it with their “limited edition” run. (The rules say you waive the right to any royalties so Arroba doesn’t have to give you a cut or even a “designed by” credit.)

    In fact, even if your entry doesn’t win, Arroba would still own your design and could choose to make a ring from it and profit from it in the future if they so desire, and you would get nothing.

    My advice for those of you out there who have a killer Flash ring design in your head, on paper, or on your finger (and I have seen a few sweet ones at conventions): wait until Arroba’s license is up and try to secure your own license from DC Comics to make your own rings (you have a few years to start your research and figure out how — I’d start with shopping around for a good custom jeweler in your area). Don’t throw away your artistic vision on a slim chance to have one copy made for you at no cost. It isn’t worth it.


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