On a midday bus ride in San Francisco, a man in the back was holding forth on drugs, smoking, rehab, and the like, eventually comparing notes with a woman about all the drugs they used to do.

A woman in the middle of the bus remarked, “I feel like I’m in my own reality show.”

Another man responded, “Yeah, it’s called San Francisco.”

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2 thoughts on “Overheard on the Bus (Only in San Francisco)

  1. That’s funny. Kinda makes me interested, again, in visiting San Francisco.

    Unrelated, but… I’m surprised that I haven’t seen anything here about the iPad.

    Sick of it, already? Uninterested?

    • Mostly I don’t have much to say about the iPad. I mean, I like the idea of a tablet computer, but I can’t get worked up over something that, at least in the first version, is basically a giant iPod Touch, which is basically an iPhone without the phone.

      The dealbreaker for me is that (last I looked, anyway) Apple is insisting on the iPhone App Store model where they get to act as a gatekeeper and choose what software can be installed on the device. Android has two things going for it: the market is more open, and you can install third-party software that isn’t available through the market if you really want to.

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