• Wow…nothing like flood damage in the office to start a Monday morning. Fortunately people were in over the weekend & caught it. #
  • Ooh, neat! Server problems too! (Not flood-related.) #
  • But wait, there’s more! They had to shut off the water line to the coffee maker! Can the entire office manage on a tiny 3-cup coffee maker? #

  • From @lol_spam:

    “TPA Report.” It should be a TPS Report, but the keys are, like, right next to each other. I guess even spammers can get a case of the Mondays. #

  • Yes! Realized eyestrain was a problem & finally got PC set up on my original monitor. Bigger is nice, but more importantly, it’s NOT BLURRY! #
  • Still not sure how I went 1.5 months w/o fixing the refresh rate on the temporary monitor. Usually the flicker drives me *consciously* crazy. #
  • Incredible new high-res image of Saturn! (via @ThisIsTrue) #

One of the two soap dispensers in the bathroom at work has been broken for months. I think the building doesn’t fix it because it looks full. Over the past week or two, someone has started writing things like “Broken” or “Still Broken” (or, one day, “Kaput”) on paper towels and leaving them underneath or draped over the dispenser. Someone decided that this makeshift “Out of Order” sign needed an addition:

Out of Order -- Forever