Store sign: Yarn Yarn (Yarn Yarn Yarn)
On Friday, Katie wanted to look for some craft supplies at a store we’d seen before, called—believe it or not—Yarn Yarn. We’d first noticed it a couple of years ago, and took a picture of the sign for blog purposes.

The store was closed, but on our way back to the car, we spotted the Puzzle Blimp flying around. So here we had two old blog posts coming together.

Except there was one problem. It turns out that when we took pictures of Yarn Yarn and the nearby Holy Computer, we never got around to posting them online. So here, delayed by two and a half years, are those photos, plus a couple of new shots.

The Puzzle Blimp Returns
The Puzzle Blimp Returns! (As noted last time, it’s Ameriquest’s Soaring Dreams Airship [].)

Store sign: Holy Computer
Hmm, is this what Robin says when Batman analyzes evidence using the Cray he has in the Batcave?

Store sign: The Enlarger
Maybe it’s just the fact that I see so much spam, but the first thing this name makes me think of isn’t photography.