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[Green Lantern flying - Green Lantern 151]
Real Name: Kyle Rayner
Other Aliases: Ion
Occupation: Freelance Artist
Base of Operations: New York City
Group Affiliation: Justice League of America
Past Group Affiliation: New Titans
First Appearance: (as Kyle) Green Lantern (second series) #48 (as Green Lantern) Green Lantern (second series) #50
Created By: Ron Marz and Darryl Banks
See Also: Hal Jordan, John Stewart

[Green Lantern flying - Green Lantern 66] After Hal Jordan went mad, killing most of the Green Lanterns and Guardians of the Universe, the last surviving Guardian formed a new Green Lantern ring and went to Earth in search of a replacement. Appearing in an alley and finding two men, one of whom was a drunken bum, he chose to give it to the other, a struggling artist named Kyle Rayner.

Kyle became the new Green Lantern, fought Hal as Parallax, and went on to join first the New Titans and then the Justice League. When he first met the Flash, they were immediately hostile toward each other. Wally thought Kyle was an amateur, and Kyle thought Wally was arrogant. As Kyle developed his skills, and Wally realized he actually had skills, the animosity faded, and after working together in the JLA they’ve actually become friends—but they remain extremely competitive.

Kyle’s ring differs from the standard Green Lantern rings in that it is not vulnerable to yellow, and it needs to be recharged based on how much energy it uses instead of just every 24 hours. As an artist, Kyle is constantly refining the constructs he creates with his ring.

At different times, Kyle has been the host for both Ion, the living embodiment of willpower, and Parallax, the living embodiment of fear.

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.

Top of Page Art

  • Current Costume Green Lantern #151 (August 2002) - Jim Lee and Scott Williams
  • Original Costume Green Lantern #66 (September 1995) - Paul Pelletier and Romeo Tanghal


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Significant Flash/Impulse Appearances

  • Green Lantern #66–67 (September–October 1995): “Fast Friends,” Ron Marz
  • Flash #128–129 (August–September 1997): “Hell To Pay Parts 2–3,” Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn
  • Flash/Green Lantern: Faster Friends (1997), Ron Marz, Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn
  • Green Lantern #96, Green Arrow #130, Flash #135 (March 1998): “Three of a Kind,” Ron Marz, Chuck Dixon, Grant Morrison, Mark Millar
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  • Impulse #67 (December 2000): “Friends Like These...” Todd Dezago (cameo)
  • Impulse #68–69 (January–February 2001): “I Rann and I Rann and I Rann...” and “Strange Impulses,” Todd Dezago
  • Flash #214 (November 2004): “The Secret of Barry Allen, Part One,” Geoff Johns

Series Regular In...

  • Green Lantern v.3 (1993–2004)
  • JLA (1996–2003)
  • Ion: Guardian of the Universe (2006–2007)

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