4 thoughts on “Spoiler-free FPKW Review

  1. That’s about right. *g*

    It’s really a shame they didn’t get to develop all this over a full season (or even 13 eps), but, Holy frelling dren indeed!

    Must watch a gazillion more times….

  2. I’ve tried writing a summary, but every time I get a page into it I realize I’ve barely gotten through the beginning.

    Aside from one section of padding in the first part — Moya gets attacked by mercenaries in a sequence that mainly serves to provide (1) an interruption, (2) a fight scene, and (3) some plot-point battle damage that could as easily have been incurred immediately before the point at which it becomes important — it’s very dense. It really does seem like they took the major plots intended for season 5 and put them all into 4 hours.

    Either I’ll write a new post (so I can hide it behind a more... cut for people who do want to avoid spoilers), or if I find a good summary I’ll post a link here.

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