• Need to sleep. Found myself typing “Satan Claus” by mistake.
  • Symptom of car culture: I almost feel like I have to justify crossing the street on foot to go to another store instead of moving the car.
  • Sun Halo. All you have to do is look up once in a while.

Halo and Light PostsEmpty Shelves For Sale. No Linens, No Things.

  • Linens & Things: Nothing left to sell but the shelves…
  • Almost. Walked around a corner and they do have SOME stuff left
  • Virgin Megastore is closing too, but they’ve still got lots of stuff. Including 5000 copies of Serial Mom.
  • Replica toys: I get the nostalgia factor, but at the same time it’s a weird idea.
  • Going out of business sales seen today: 4. Mervyns, Linens & Things,Virgin, Steve & Barry’s.
  • And the more stores I look at, the more “What You Own” competes in my head for the ubiquitous Christmas music.
  • Amazon’s wishlist needs a generic option. Like “I want an 8GB Micro-SD card” rather than “I want THIS Micro-SD card specifically!”

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