• Glanced up at server monitors. It was 11:11:11 on the 11th, tiled 3 times. OMG!11111111 #
  • Just discovered via @GreatWhiteSnark that @CakeWrecks is on Twitter. Also: The Problem With Phone Orders. Now back to work… #
  • How appropriate: BNL’s “Shopping” in background of a Kohl’s commercial! #
  • Also: the pop-up summary bits on the LOST rerun are seriously annoying. Fortunately I’m managing to tune them out. #

2 thoughts on “Pop-Ups & Cake! 11111!

  1. Simon, Brussels, whatever you want to call yourself…please pick a name and stick with it. Your comments are at least on topic, but I’m this close to dropping them as spam.

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