When I set up a B2 site just for kicks in 2002, I didn’t really expect to still be posting to it ten years later.

Admittedly, I don’t post as often as I used to, and I think fewer people read it than did back in the day — partly because a lot of my more fannish stuff has moved over to Speed Force, partly because I don’t post as often, and partly because of the changes in the social media landscape, most notably Facebook and Twitter.

Vital stats:

2644 posts

Top 10 posts viewed over the past year:

  1. Setting up a Wireless Network on Linux: Ralink 3062 and Network Manager
  2. Comic Con! (2003)
  3. Getting Flash to work on Google Chrome for 64-bit Linux
  4. Songs Not to Play at a Wedding
  5. Victimized Hero
  6. Avocado’s Number
  7. Super-hero Weaknesses
  8. Flash Foreshadowing
  9. Fuchsia Zoom
  10. How to Get Rid of Windows Live Messenger

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