Limited Edition 4 of 7 Dr. Pepper Can: Captain America

I guess collecting is sort of the point with a lot of media tie-in packaging (well, that and cross-promotion, of course), but I really have to wonder how people typically collect food packages. I mean, do you keep the can unopened and hope it doesn’t leak? Do you drink it even though the can won’t be in mint condition anymore?

Oh no. I just had a horrible thought about those Minions-labeled bananas!

8 thoughts on “Limited edition soda cans. OK, fine….HOW?

  1. I have to admit that on rare occasions I’ve collected food packaging (just cans from the second X-Men movie, because I wanted it for my Pyro collection). I wasn’t picky about whether it was opened or not, because I just wanted the item. IIRC I bought the cans on eBay because we didn’t get them in Canada.

    Pretty sure a lot of hardcore collectors don’t open them, though I have seen a lot of opened ancient coke bottles for sale.

    • Hmm, now that you mention it, there is something about Coke bottles, isn’t there?

      Open makes sense to me. I just can’t imagine it would be practical to keep full cans indefinitely. I’m not sure what the lifespan of an aluminum can is, but I’ve seen enough pinhole leaks and damaged seals that at the very least I’d want to store them somewhere waterproof.

  2. Rotate the tab far enough that you expose an area of the top that would normally be hidden. Drill a hole in there. One way to get out the drink is to use a syringe or a very fine tube–the hole should allow enough room for air to get in to displace the soda. A quicker (though potentially messier) way would be to insert the straw on a can off canned air into the hole and gently pressurize the can. Compressed air might be OK, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend drinking the pop if you use a can of some other kind of gas. Be sure to keep the canned air can upright to avoid freezing. To clean out the can, water can be injected using a syringe, but a Water Pik or other fine stream of water would be faster.

    If you don’t mind more obvious damage, you can add a hole to the bottom as a vent or two holes on opposite sides of the bottom to keep the top intact. Remember to drill at a low point to maximize drainage potential.


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