I think there’s been a lot of talking past each other on privacy lately because there are so many layers to it.

Google or Dropbox keeping your cloud files from showing up on someone else’s drive or a public share is one layer. Keeping your data from leaking in a data breach is another. Protecting messages in transit from your device to their service. Google and Meta (Facebook, Instagram, and now Threads) are good at those.

But then there’s ensuring that Google or Meta doesn’t misuse it themselves, or sell it to someone who will.

And, well, to put it mildly, they’re not so big on that aspect!

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Door of a truck with orange stripes and diamond logo for 'TMI' - Traffic Management Incorporated.

The power company is prepping for maintenance work, and these guys are out with the temporary no parking signs and barriers.

It’s still a better company name than the “Performance Utility Supply” I’ve driven past with a sign that’s mostly its initials.