I’ve been zombie-fied. Comic-Con was fun, but exhausting. Add that to staying up too late last night and not being used to the heat… You see, downtown San Diego was fairly nice all week. According to weather.com it only hit 83, which was uncomfortable when carrying a heavy backpack (or in Katie’s case, wearing a […]

Last week, Mark Evanier wrote about media coverage of Comic-Con that exaggerated the number of people in costume. I think it was Saturday afternoon that I noticed a huge cluster of people in really good hall costumes, all ringing the G4 TV booth. I noticed the words, “For the next two hours…” scrolling by on […]

Neither of us spent more than an hour or so on the floor on Saturday, in part out of self-defense. Comic-Con is usually the most crowded on Saturdays, though we didn’t see much difference from Friday this year. After the Flash panel, I went back to my back issue hunt. Found quite a few in […]

We found this in the gift shop when we went to the Pirates dinner show back in May. IIRC, it’s a toy/prop musket. But who comes up with these names? I mean, “Party Weapon?” By actually calling it a weapon, you’re suggesting it’s something I don’t want at a kid’s party. Well, unless I’m raising […]

Despite growing up in Orange County, I never managed to go to Medieval Times. It’s a dinner show with knights on horseback staging a medieval tournament. Last month in Las Vegas, Katie talked me into going to the Tournament of Kings at Excalibur, which is the same type of show. When you purchase your tickets, […]