Sure, Greek yogurt is pretty damn good, but lately it’s gained so much in popularity that manufacturers are putting it in all kinds of products that don’t actually benefit from the extra straining. If you put as much sugar in it as you typically find in the more mainstream brands, it doesn’t matter.

But at least those are still food.

I mean, come on. It’s soap. Even if you think it’s worth smearing yogurt all over your skin, your skin doesn’t care if it’s greek or not. :rollseyes:

Now, I realize this is simply a brand name, probably inspired by the “pure” part of the slogan…but I can’t help but be reminded of the brief fad for clear products in the early 1990s. Remember Crystal Pepsi? Of course you don’t.

Saturday Night Live summed up just how unappetizing this fad really was in two words: Crystal Gravy.

Thankfully, Crystal Hot Sauce is not clear (as you can see!), and actually tasted pretty good.