DVD Box artTVShowsOnDVD reports that The Flash DVD Set will arrive in January 2006! The Flash TV series lasted one year on CBS back in 1990 (opposite The Simpsons, IIRC).

Geez, Barry, do you have to be late for everything? πŸ˜‰

(again, via the Comic Bloc forums)

Update: It’s out!

3 thoughts on “Flash on DVD – It’s Official!

  1. Excellent
    When are they gona do a update or follow on, easily one of the best super heroes about. I loved the t.v series, highly disappointed when it finished.
    If anyone knows of any plans for a new film or tv series let me know, shanelidsay@hotmail.com
    Thank……… SHANE

  2. Finally – I’ve waiting around 15 years for this. No longer need my ratty VHS copies. Although the quality of the DVDs does not appear as crisp as I would have liked it, it’s still a treat to get these episodes – especially the first Trickster episode which never aired in my part of Canada and the second Trickster episode which was interupted by news of G Bush Sr.’s heart murmor.

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