4 thoughts on “Flash on DVD – It’s Official!

  1. Excellent
    When are they gona do a update or follow on, easily one of the best super heroes about. I loved the t.v series, highly disappointed when it finished.
    If anyone knows of any plans for a new film or tv series let me know, shanelidsay@hotmail.com
    Thank……… SHANE

  2. Finally – I’ve waiting around 15 years for this. No longer need my ratty VHS copies. Although the quality of the DVDs does not appear as crisp as I would have liked it, it’s still a treat to get these episodes – especially the first Trickster episode which never aired in my part of Canada and the second Trickster episode which was interupted by news of G Bush Sr.’s heart murmor.

  3. […] I picked up the complete Flash TV series on DVD today. It’s been a long wait since it was announced last October, but an even longer wait since the show aired in 1990. I haven’t had time to watch any of it yet, but it turns out that Best Buy is selling an exclusive package with a bundled comic book. […]

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