We’ve started watching the first season of Leverage on Netflix instant. Last night we watched the second episode. At one point the “good guy” character explains that yes, he really did give away most of the money he got from the last job, after buying a couple of things. Like a new car. Electric. Just being responsible. He then gets into his car, the camera pulls away, and you see that it’s a Tesla Roadster — an all-electric, high performance (and very expensive at $128,000+) sportscar.

I made some remark about how the Tesla was intended to make people rethink the electric car.

Katie’s response: “Every time a Prius gets pulled over for speeding, people rethink the electric car.”

  • Need to sleep. Found myself typing “Satan Claus” by mistake.
  • Symptom of car culture: I almost feel like I have to justify crossing the street on foot to go to another store instead of moving the car.
  • Sun Halo. All you have to do is look up once in a while.

Halo and Light PostsEmpty Shelves For Sale. No Linens, No Things.

  • Linens & Things: Nothing left to sell but the shelves…
  • Almost. Walked around a corner and they do have SOME stuff left
  • Virgin Megastore is closing too, but they’ve still got lots of stuff. Including 5000 copies of Serial Mom.
  • Replica toys: I get the nostalgia factor, but at the same time it’s a weird idea.
  • Going out of business sales seen today: 4. Mervyns, Linens & Things,Virgin, Steve & Barry’s.
  • And the more stores I look at, the more “What You Own” competes in my head for the ubiquitous Christmas music.
  • Amazon’s wishlist needs a generic option. Like “I want an 8GB Micro-SD card” rather than “I want THIS Micro-SD card specifically!”

Watched Wednesday’s Pushing Daisies last night. “Eternal Flame” is STILL stuck in my head.

A couple of days ago it was reported that, even with data disabled while roaming, the G1 still hits the internet. It turns out it was an edge case: his phone connected to T-Mobile UK and thought it wasn’t roaming, so it kept data active.

Appears to be an epidemic of low tire pressure here. Waited in line for air plus another car behind me.