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Full Name Elizabeth Belle “Libby” Lawrence
Alter Ego: Liberty Belle
Known Relatives: Major James Lawrence (father, deceased), Johnny Chambers (ex-husband, deceased), Jesse Chambers (daughter)
Occupation: Retired
Past Occupations: Newspaper Columnist, Television & Radio Commentator, Super-hero
Past Group Membership: All-Star Squadron
Base of Operations: New York City
Hair: White (originally blond)
Eyes: Blue
First Appearance: Boy Commandos #1 (Winter 1942)
Created By: Don Cameron & Chuck Winter
See Also: Liberty Belle II

Champion athlete Libby Lawrence was in Poland with her father in 1939 when Germany invaded. Her father was killed in an air attack, and Libby eventually made it to France and swam the English Channel to escape. With her new celebrity status she advocated fighting the Axis, and took on the masked identity of Liberty Belle to fight Nazi agents in the U.S.

As Liberty Belle, she was the leader of the All Star Squadron, a team of heroes who fought for the Allies during World War II. She wore a replica of the Liberty Bell which resonated when the actual bell chimed. Whenever the bell rang, it unlocked brief bursts of super-strength. During the war, she gained sonic powers as well. She also fell in love with and married fellow Squadron member Johnny Quick.


After the war, Libby retired her costumed identity. She eventually came to regard such adventuring as dangerous and foolish, and tried to get Johnny to retire as well. The conflict became worse when her husband started training their daughter Jesse to be a super-hero as well. Eventually, the two of them separated, and her fears came true when Johnny Quick died after coming out of retirement.

[Picture of Jesse and Libby at Johnny’s funeral]

Libby and her daughter are far from close, although they have tried since Johnny’s death. She actually prefers that Jesse call her “Libby” rather than “Mom.” An entanglement involving Libby’s fiancée drove a further wedge between them.


During Infinite Crisis, Libby decided the world needed her help, and she donned her Liberty Belle costume once again. Her powers were fading, and she tried to restart them by ringing the Liberty Bell herself. It caused a feedback loop of sonic waves that the JSA could only barely contain. Stargirl helped her stop the feedback loop, and Jesse ran to her mother’s aid. Libby and Jesse reconciled. (JSA #81, 2006). Since then, Jesse has taken on the role of the new Liberty Belle.

She may hate to admit it, but costumed heroics are in her blood: Libby Lawrence is a descendant of Bess Lynn Lawrence, who fought the British during the War for Independence as the masked swordswoman Miss Liberty.

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Top of Page Art

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Origin Tales

Modern Origin: All-Star Squadron #61
All-Star Squadron #61 Cover
  • Boy Commandos #1 (Winter 1942), Don Cameron
  • All-Star Squadron #61 (September 1986): “The Origin of Liberty Belle,” Roy Thomas


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  • The DC Comics Encyclopedia as Liberty Belle (2004)

Series Regular In...

  • Star-Spangled Comics #20–68 (1943–1947)
  • All-Star Squadron (1981–1987)

Significant Legacy-Era Flash Appearances

  • Flash #112 (April 1996): “Future Perfect,” Mark Waid
  • Wonder Woman Plus Jesse Quick #1 (January 1997): “Heroes!” Christopher Priest
  • Titans #21, 26, 34–36 (in connection with Jesse)
  • JSA #81 (March 2006): “My Heroes,” Geoff Johns