I haven’t quite found the time to write up my experience at the Adobe MAX designer/developer conference, but here’s a digest of my Twitter posts. As usual, photos are on Flickr.


Adobe Max Entryway (Los Angeles Convention Center)

  • Watched a nearly-full moon set into the cloud layer behind the LA skyline on my way to Adobe MAX. #
  • Obligatory pic of Adobe MAX entryway. #


  • Made it to the keynote just as, I kid you not, Martha Stewart took the stage. #
  • Nice demo of dynamically wrapping text around image content (not box), to be contributed to Webkit. #
  • Content aware fill demo on a tablet – “performing witchcraft” on the progress bar label. #
  • Multi device link: iPad as classic color palette mixer for desktop Photoshop. #
  • Blackberry Playbook approach: don’t dumb down the Internet for mobile devices, bring up the performance of the devices. #
  • Green Hornet game demo: same app running on desktop & touch screen phone, auto-detecting input methods. #
  • The Green Hornet car. I wasn’t expecting overlap between a tech conference and Comic-Con. #

  • Something else Adobe MAX has in common with Comic-Con: Flash fans. #


  • When I got here, the line for Starbucks was about 5 people. Now I can’t see the end. #
  • Managed to scarf down a sandwich from Starbucks before the evening session. Interesting mix of tech crowd & Lakers fans. #
  • Ok, I am officially a geek. I ranked 7th in a phone-powered Star Trek trivia contest with several hundred people at a tech conference. #
  • And then tweeted about it. #
  • Adobe MAX sneak peeks’ method of keeping people from going too long: A Klingon with a phaser creeping across the stage. #
  • Very cool demo of auto-converting long video to a tapestry for better scene selection. #
  • Nifty Photoshop demo: post process photo based on a model. “what if this photo had been taken by Ansel Adams?” #
  • Nice! Automatically compensating for camera motion blur! #


  • Gotta love LA traffic. I left for Adobe MAX 40 minutes earlier than yesterday and arrived at the same time – too late for my 8:30 lab. #
  • Funny how you can get nostalgic for your first version of Photoshop. (Sadly, 2.5 is missing.) #

    About Photoshop 3.0

  • MAX is definitely less crowded today. No problems finding a table for lunch, and the cell & wifi networks are a lot less congested. #

  • I finally uninstalled I Tweet. Twidroid Pro does enough that I don’t need two Twitter clients on my phone anymore. #
  • Grr. Since the last patch day, my USB keyboard randomly stops working 2–3 times/day. System Restore would be nice…if it actually worked. #
  • I’m trying to remember when the BOFH attitude prevalent on antispam mailing lists didn’t bother me. #
  • It’s weird how suddenly reporting spam turns into a bad thing because someone (else) might make money with that knowledge. #
  • How to fix Adobe AIR in Fedora 12. #