A Vast Quantity of the Bizarre and Unknown

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Culled from the residents of Arroyo Vista House 1010 during the 1998-1999 school year.

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Fall 1998

It's a National Geographic Special: Stalking the Wild Conversation, with Katie Foreman.
Gary, 26-Oct-1998
I might as well get something accomplished while I'm not sleeping.
Alex, 24-Oct-1998
It would really suck to be a vampire because you'd always have to get invited in to go to the bathroom.
Brian, 23-Oct-1998
I think Jason's flashing you again.
Jenny, 10/?/98
Real men do it with their eyes open.
Alex, 26-Oct-1998
The punk rock kids, the punk rock kids...
Kristen, 25-Oct-1998
But that's not the worst part of my job...
Kristen, 25-Oct-1998
Midterms on good luck?
Kelson, 26-Oct-1998
Witness the thing that has chicken in it!
Angela, 26-Oct-1998
Lockers don't kill people. People kill people.
Alex, 16-Oct-1998
Ah, couscous ripening under a fluorescent light.
Brian, 27-Oct-1998
There is the other side of here
Brian, date unknown
Would you like some fruit?
Jenny, frequently
You can't really choose the nationality of your roommate.
Jenny, 1-Nov-1998
I've never survived a Kaba shooting before.
Katie, 2-Nov-1998
I actually fell asleep on that anteater.
Katie, 2-Nov-1998
Now why would someone want to coat a hair with cyanide?
Kelson, 16-Nov-1998
I still have to pull Madrigal Dinner out of my ass.
Katie, 17-Nov-1998
When was the last time you exercised [sic] your demons?
Brian, 18-Nov-1998
Have you been sniffing chives again?
Anne, 21-Nov-1998
The Flaming Backhoe Bed LauncherTM.
Alex, 6-Dec-1998 (wait, what?)
There's so many levels of sex in that one I can't take it.
Alex, 6-Dec-1998
"Holy shit, Scatman!"
Brian, 6-Dec-1998
It's half past cheesecake.
Brian, 6-Dec-1998
Beware of the warmification of pasta servers.
Kelson, 7-Dec-1998
Yeah, but the garbanzo beans aren't going to light themselves on fire.
Kelson, 20-Dec-1998
I have a camera in my backpack, but you'd have to be shooting through my head.
Kelson, 20-Dec-1998
Which one of us is invisible? It's gotta be me, because I can see all of you.
Alex, 22-Dec-1998

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Winter 1999

"I like my hearing. It's my only good sense."
"I don't have any good sense..."
Brian & Angela, 2-Jan-1999
But I love choking my arm.
Katie, 7-Jan-1999
You're wearing his sock in your hair?
Angie, 11-Jan-1999
Well, Merissa, I gotta go, because. . . you're sitting right next to me and I feel stupid.
Po (on the phone), 20-Jan-1999
I can be gay and not be gay.
Atul, 20-Jan-1999
Brian, you are very observant. You're frightening me.
Merissa, 20-Jan-1999
No, there is nothing walking around in the sink.
Katie, 20-Jan-1999
You'd be ugly too if you had people lying on you off and on for years.
Brian (in reference to 1010 couch), 3-Feb-1999
It's fun, though! It separates myself from... my other self.
Po, 9-Feb-1999
Here, let me hit you with my old lab.
Jenny, 15-Feb-1999
Come on, guys - I just hit my head on the floor, give me a break!
Angela, 16-Feb-1999
He's a hunka hunka burnin' Gary.
Angie, 23-Feb-1999
The Psycho Sloppy Slacker ChickTM
Angela, 24-Feb-1999
That decade when the third digit started with an 8.
Kelson, 26-Feb-1999
There's no such thing as Crispy Tetris.
Katie, 1-Mar-1999
Jenny stole my bowling fairies!
Emily, 6-Mar-1999
We went to France and the best part of it was going to Italy.
Alex, 9-Mar-1999
That's like a sugar cube of salt!
Kelson, 15-Mar-1999

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Spring 1999

I don't know if I can eat it, but I know I want... Britain.
Angela, 31-Mar-1999
You wouldn't really want to rape broccoli.
Katie, 5-Apr-1999
That's right, a lemon-flavored rodent. Mmm-mmm.
Brian, 5-Apr-1999
It's an inn! The out is out on In-N-Out!
Katie, 8-Apr-1999
I've heard of that before, but I've never seen it.
Stayover student, 8-Apr-1999
"There's a lot of things you shouldn't do with broccoli."
"Like make Jell-O?"
Katie and Anne, 13-Apr-1999
The 1010 Twister Tourney. Bare-ass naked.
Alex, 15-Apr-1999
Insert Tab A into... holy crud!
Kelson, 16-Apr-1999
Yay! Anastasia! With Miracle Grow-Hair Woman!
Emily, 16-Apr-1999
How do you get "high?"
Merissa, 21-Apr-1999
I want a satanic picture of Angela!
Angie, 21-Apr-1999
That would require me remembering the future.
Kelson, 26-Apr-1999
Brooke, pick my nose or something.
Matt, 3-May-1999
I'm really pissed at the media here. I can't even warp myself properly.
Alex, 3-May-1999
Now I feel like staring at the hamster.
Anne, 5-May-1999
I don't get much sfatisaction [sic] from blowing my nose.
Katie, 8-May-1999
Hey, this thing has molecules in it!
Emily, 6-May-1999
I will not sink to bologna.
Katie, 10-May-1999
It's nine o'clock. What's the fucking for?
Alex, 12-May-1999
I'd like a hamburger . . . . hold the goat.
Brian, 12-May-1999
The lawnmowers are running for their lives!
Alex, 12-May-1999
I guess I'm agnostic about Eitan.
Alex, 12-May-1999
"So when did you start believing in Eitan?"
"Oh, I guess when he came by and whacked me on the head."
"What did he whack you on the head with?"
"Wouldn't you like to know?"
Eitan, Brian, and Angela, 12-May-1999
"We're talking about musicals."
"We're talking about buggering."
Gary & Emily, 16-May-1999
Oh my God, it's the sacred symbol of Magumbah! Or something like that.
Kelson, 16-May-1999
"The grocery store, the grocery store..."
"When it comes to fun, nothing is more
Than going down to
The grocery store."
Angela & Alex, 19-May-1999
A whole duckful?
Alex, 23-May-1999
Can't go wrong with the undead, that's what I always say.
Gary, 24-May-1999
I need to wash the cheese out of my nails... that's a weird thing to say.
Katie, 24-May-1999
Now with more phallic-y goodness.
Gary, 24-May-1999
So can I go raid 1006 for my pot now?
Katie, 28-May-1999
Is that a lightsaber in your pocket, or...
Katie, 28-May-1999
No, "apparelfixated" does not work!
Katie, 28-May-1999
"You're not a resident!"
"But he had SEX on the Scrabble board!"
Kelson & Alex, re: Eitan, 28-May-1999
I want to see you naked, Brian.
Alex, 28-May-1999
"Katie's here to save us!"
"From what?"
"My lack of CHP-ness."
Angela, Katie, and Anne, 16-Jun-1999

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The Flaming What?

A group of us were hanging out and talking about random stuff, including the game of appending "in bed" to the end of fortune cookie messages. (Consider something like "You will travel far and meet interesting people... in bed.") Earlier in the conversation, Alex had explained how he and some of his friends would use the phrase "I dig that with a massive backhoe." At one point he also said, "Things are always more interesting when you set them on fire."

Inevitably, we managed to put all three phrases together:

"I dig that with a massive backhoe."

"In bed."

"And set it on fire."

"The Flaming Backhoe Bed LauncherTM!"

Eating Britain

Alex and Angela had baked a cake and decorated it with plastic World War II soldiers and flags, placing each nation in a different corner of the cake.

A picture of the cake


Brooke was standing behind Matt with her arms poking through his, doing the "I have four arms" routine. 'Nuff said.

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